● Hazardous Chemicals Business

Streamway has a complete qualification and certificates for Dangerous Goods Business. We have already provided Import and Export agency services for dangerous chemicals since 2010. Streamway will provide higher quality services and import and export solutions for customers all over the world.
In cooperating with us, Streamway team will provide you the best service.
- Streamway informs the customer to prepare relevant documents in advance according to the H.S. Code and Import tax rate of the goods.
- Streamway team is be specialized in providing customers with thoughtful services and avoiding any risks which might be arised during the Import and Export process.


● Non-Pharmaceutical Precursor Chemicals Business

Precursor chemicals are substances, such as precursors, raw materials and chemical auxiliaries that can be used to manufacture drugs under national regulations.
China implements Precursor Chemicals import and export Permit System. Any enterprise or unit that imports and exports precursor chemicals in any way must report to the relevant national authorities for approval.
Common (import and export)Precursor Chemicals are: H2SO4(Sulfuric Acid),HCL(Hydrochloric Acid), Toluene, Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Ethanol, Potassium Permanganate and so on.
- Precursor Chemicals have a lot of classification. According to different products, Streamway team will provide agency services for customers and prepare the proper government documents.(such as Dual-Use Items, Import and Export Licenses for Sensitive Items as well as various Dangerous Goods Certification, Labeling, etc.)

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