Core Technology

◆    Siloxane Chemistry

A new siloxane polymer enhances adhesion and heat resistance

Siloxane based polymers in industry refer to linear polydimethylsiloxane with special pendent groups. A combination of properties such as their backbone flexibility, low intermolecular interactions, low surface tension and thermal stability provide salient optical properties useful for engineered optical materials. 

The lower silicon electronegativity (1.8) yields a highly polarized thereby highly ionic Si-O bond, resulting in a large bond energy, 452kJ/mole which is much higher than a C-C bond. The thermal stability of the siloxane polymer stems from this high bond energy.

The pendent functional groups of the polymers are modified by our patented technology to enhance physical and optical properties for stronger adhesion to glass, lower refractive index and higher reactivity to UV cure systems. 

Now UV curable fluro-siloxane coatings are available for specialty optical fiber applications. HT series will allow new applications of specialty fibers to higher power and/or extreme environment applications.

◆  Fluoro Chemistry

The fluoro ploymer lowers the RI of coating and gives good optical transmittance.

Fluoropolymers are usually olefinic polymers which consist of partially or fully fluorinated monomers. New patented fluoro chemistry is incorporated to completely eliminate the formation of POFA and POFS even the degradation of coating in extreme environments without compromising desired optical properties such as low refractive index and high transmittance. 

Our unique patented technology based on fluoro-siloxanepolymers is key to these demonstrated excellent properties.


◆  UV Curable 

All PC Series including fluoro-siloxanes are UV curable for high productivity.

UV curable coating technologies are familiar to the fiber drawing industry due to their high throughput, low process cost and environmental friendliness. New fluoro-siloxane polymer cladding coatings are specially formulated and chemically designed to incorporate photo reactivity functional groups into the polymer backbone. These unique chemical structures open a new era in flouro and siloxane coating industries.